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"I use my passion and empathy to inspire and support others to be the best they can be and to share their talents with the world to make it a better place!"

"The Values you choose to follow today directly impact the leader you are tomorrow."

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"Your energy and charisma are very exciting. You are very gifted and motivated me to continue pursuing my dreams and learn to be an empowering leader"

"Thanks so much for allowing us to peek into your experiences. It was very motivational and inspired me to go out and find my true career"

"Thank you for making a difference"

"Simply inspirational. You are full of life, genuine and created an everlasting impression"

"Thanks, Chuck! I loved the energy and really enjoyed your presentation. It made a lasting impression!"
"You rock! Your energy & passion for life was refreshing. I wish I could be as fearless as you. 
I did want you to know that you inspired me to change back to something I love because I have to live life for myself. Thanks for the little extra courage"

"Chuck - it was refreshing to hear from somebody that was down to earth and fully realizes the potential that we all have to follow our inner abilities. I already am "connecting the dots" in my life and look forward to continuing that upward mobility. Thanks!!"

"I just wanted to say that I was very inspired by your speech and your life experience. I have always wanted to follow my dreams and you have just made me want to do that so much more. I feel like I can relate to you in many ways and I hope one day I can share with you what I have accomplished. You have helped me so much and have given me confidence in myself"
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Copyright 2010
Chuck Pattishall Company LLC
Ever feel like the ship of your life goes off course every once in awhile? Why is life filled with so many options and why is it becoming harder to make a decision that positively affects us and those around us? Why is it becoming difficult to stay on track and be the person we know we are meant to be? Does “life” get in the way of what you want to accomplish and affect your decision making process? FollowerShip provides the balance to truly make a difference in the world.
The principles of FollowerShip allows you to focus on the most important journey you will ever make; the journey of your life! By learning about the three step process of: Chart Your Course   ̴   Get On Board   ̴   Follow your Dream, you will find out more about who you are, and why it’s so important to follow the positive values you have inside you to be a better leader for those whose lives you touch every day.
Chuck uses passion, humor and empathy to teach a step by step approach to learning the fundamental truths of FollowerShip. Either by his keynote speaking, seminars or coaching, Chuck is committed to helping others develop their own leadership plan and to share their talents with others to make the world a better place.